Of course when you go to Paris, you go to Versailles as well. That is at least what most people do. This little excursion happened to leave a rather great impression on me as well. The day started as we boarded one of the RER trains in the morning from central Paris. Sitting amongst everyday commuters, I look around at the antique walls and ceiling of the train car. They are painted in Parisian floral and 19th century artwork; perhaps the reasoning behind running eclectic trains from the 1960’s on the line to Versailles is to extend the reach of the palace’s art and history. Exiting the station in the town of Versailles, you can feel something massive is literally right around the corner.

As we make our way towards the palace, we are first greeted by a statue of Louis XIV two massive fences and “All the Glories of France” written in large text on the tops of the palace facades overlooking the court.

Versailles Gallery

The majority of the images from Versailles have yet to be edited. A likely upload date will be planned for early summer 2016. Please check back then!