After high school, I decided to attend a local community college where I began the third part of my career in film and video production. Since childhood, I was always intrigued with behind the scenes work for television and film; this lead me to making my own small movies growing up. It is at that community college I met the best professor I have ever had the pleasure of learning with. The interest drew me to the college’s media and communications program, and two years later I graduated with an A.S. in Communication and Media Arts. My third passion is filming documentaries and short films. Since I was apart of the department’s leading documentary program my passion for film grew even more. During my time in the program I was able to attend the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival and, one of my goals is to work on a film that later will be accepted into the festival, as well as many others. Aside from designing shows, I plan to continue working on new and exciting documentaries, which you will see here of course when they are posted.